WarBirds & FHL
Pack Padrão
Developer: iEntertainment Network
Publicação: Atari
Ano: 2001
Estilo: Simulador Aéreo
Tamanho: 50 Mb
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WarBirds FreeHost - A FREE online Combat Flight Simulator

Working off the theme of World War II combat, you can pilot fighters or bombers from one of two sides, Axis or Allies!

There is also a group of historical maps laid out to represent WWII theaters of that era and are released on a set schedule. See this link here for the latest map schedule, and vote on your favorite maps!

Compared to other popular games, WarBirds has gained popularity due to the fact that opposing players in the game are other users online from all over the world, from different nations. Combat with REAL people, not just a simulator! This isn't a game for wimps, it's a simulator for those serious about hours of combating skilled airmen, bombing fields, capturing fields, and fighting your way across the map to win the war!

You can download our FreeHost version of WarBirds here, install and log into an arena for hours of real world dogfighting, combat, and strategy!

Intense WWII combat is only one click away!